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About Us

We are Sue and John, the owners of SUJO Bullies. We are proud Canadian, family-owned and operated breeders of quality English and French bulldogs in the beautiful countryside of Clifford, Ontario.

To ensure we are working with only the best lineage for your new family member and to create puppies that have great personalities and are strong and healthy, we only breed dogs that have had thorough genetic and health testing prior to breeding. 

We have been working with and selecting our lines for the last six years and have welcomed seven wonderful bully litters thus far.  Bullies have such a spunky personality that is unmatched by other breeds. 

We provide a loving home raised environment for our bullies, and our puppies receive round the clock personal care while we watch them grow for their first 8-10 weeks!


If you'd like to become a bulldog parent, please see our adoption/rehoming application for more details or connect with us about our Fostering Program.

Sue & John

Our Philosophy

Above all, our priority is the health and safety of every dog, no matter the breed.



We strive to breed English and French bulldogs with strong CKC lineages, that are healthy and full of personality. We try our best to pair the right bully with your family, as you are now a part of ours!  



To share our knowledge and love for bulldogs, and provide support to anyone who joins the SUJO family through our adoption, fostering or rehoming programs.



We will work with you to provide a healthy bully, regardless if they are from our programs.

The PUPPIES are here!!! We have English and French Bulldog litters

Join our waitlist now.

Kristina Edwards

“The support system you have when joining the SUJO pack is incredible and welcoming. Come join us!”

Jenny & Darren Short

"We are so fortunate to have found SUJO Bullies. We knew right away that they were a very reputable bulldog breeder with lots of knowledge about the breed."

Christine, Mike, Paige, Emma, Tony

“The support system you have when joining the SUJO pack is incredible and welcoming. Come join us!”


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