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Upcoming Litters

We have a litter of 5 French Bulldogs that were born March 27th and, a litter of 5 English Bulldogs that were born on April 12th.  All thriving and looking for new homes in the coming weeks. 

Browse through "Our Packs" to learn more about the dogs we use for breeding, including their health, status and more.

Our puppies receive round the clock care while we watch them grow for their first 8 weeks! It is an amazing process and we try to document as much as we can on our Instagram and Facebook pages to keep bully parents in the loop with how their pups are coming along. 

All of our puppies go home with a SUJO Bullies Welcome Home Kit and guaranteed vet check.

Note: We only have a few litters per year.

OFA - The Canine Health Information Center


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Stevie found her forever home

Thanks to everyone who showed interest in this sweet little girl, she has since found her forever home.  She even has a French Bulldog playmate and a couple of kids to play with.  She is already a spoiled and pampered pooch!

If you are interested in adding an English or French Bulldog to your family, complete our Rehoming application form today.



DoB: August 12, 2022

HEALTH CHECK: Up to date

STATUS: Found a new home!

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What does our Welcome Home Kit include?

No matter the program you select, all of our bully parents will be sent home with a SUJO Welcome Home Kit that includes:

The PUPPIES are here!!! We have English and French Bulldog litters

Join our waitlist now.

Kristina Edwards

“The support system you have when joining the SUJO pack is incredible and welcoming. Come join us!”

Jenny & Darren Short

"We are so fortunate to have found SUJO Bullies. We knew right away that they were a very reputable bulldog breeder with lots of knowledge about the breed."

Christina, Mike, Paige, Emma, Tony

“The support system you have when joining the SUJO pack is incredible and welcoming. Come join us!”


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